1The required building area from 5*6 meters, pouring a foundation 23 sq.m.

2Maximum power consumption is 20 kW / h.

3During construction we don’t influence on the landscape (trees, buildings e.t.c).

4We can realize this project in any conservation area.

5Our construction can avoid subsidence of foundation due to the optimal weight of the construction.

6High strength construction.

7Our constructions are resistant to seismic impacts (up to 9 on the Richter scale), hurricanes, wind speed 70 m/s e.t.c.


8Carcass has high protective properties:
- non-toxic
- does not rust
- not deformed
- not prone to fungi and insects.

9The term of service is from 70 to 100 and more years.

10High level of heatsaving

11Architecture without restrictions. A distinctive feature is the design of buildings with a slope in two tilts.

12Mounting in anytime.

13Term of the erection of the building is
from 1.5 to 3 months.