The design office "CULT-STROY" is made up of roughly ten experts who are capable of working on any section of structures for the operation of amusement rides, museums, and other commercial facilities.

Safety and appropriate execution of documents certifying the status of our buildings as non-stationary and non-stationary objects receive special attention.

KMD — design metal details;

RC — reinforced concrete construction;

KM — metal structures

The development of section drawings KM is one of the design Bureau's key activities. This work is done with the help of contemporary software.

Drawings for the KM stages are based on the attraction concept, a pre-designed ideological specialists "CULT-STROY" who have over ten years of expertise in the construction and operation of entertainment facilities.

Our engineers developed and calculated the building's frame, taking into account all probable loads, including wind and snow, and leaving a margin of 40 percent to 60 percent, depending on the design's purpose. 

Following the construction of KM drawings, the technical documentation control group design office checked the drawings, and packaging designs were created based on the complexity of manufacturing and technological procedures required for metalwork production. Non-standard architectural solutions are required for "upside-down house" and other specific buildings, which necessitate the adoption of additional security measures.

Following the development of KM drawings, the technical documentation control group design office checked the technical documentation, and packaging designs were created based on the complexity of the manufacturing and technological processes required for the production of "Upside down house" and other specific buildings. 

It all starts with concept creation, with IDEAS serving as the project's main theme. We research the entertainment industry and have a big library of important concepts that may be used to create one-of-a-kind things in every location across the world. 

We provide the following services:

Create an outside visualization based on the proposed location.

— The project's starting point;

— Material selection for external finishing;

— Conceptual design;

— Solutions that are constructive;

— Interior design; 

— A furniture-arrangement plan;

— The plan for furniture fixing in the incision;

— Creation of unique exterior design options for your home;

— The object's passport; 

— Note of explanation;

— Documentation; 

— A description;

We are executing the project "Upside down House" themed quest as an extra source of money. A list of documents that we supply is as follows:

— Script for a quest; 

— The quest's documentation;

— Help in setting up and running quests;

— Gift shop for the Matrix;

— Designing a one-of-a-kind interior;

— A description;

— Write a narrative and a concept house that is unique to the place and context of the area, "Inverted house," and does not overlap with past projects.

Because the industry is changing so quickly, business requires new elements, collaborations, and interactions with non-standard ideas causing excitement among visitors of all ages, the architectural design of museums and attractions company "CULT-STROY" gives complete confidence to the customer in the proper execution and preparation of project documentation for construction and operation of facilities that will meet the challenges of modern times.