1. Metal structure factory is the first step in the production process.


The company "CULT-STROY" has its own steel fabrication production line.

The manufacturing system consists of components that enable a complete production cycle - software that connects the design of steel structures to their manufacture.

Our organization is able to implement numerous business initiatives with solutions that are distinct from the rest of the entertainment sector thanks to an intelligent system.

2. A manufacturing facility.


We needed things and forms made of fiberglass while experimenting with new concepts and improving existing ones. We chose to organize our own production after failing to find suitable suppliers and contractors on the market.

We employ the best and most well-tested materials for their products, which provide figures and objects the necessary wear resistance.

We also engage contract manufacturers for the project "the Giant's House," who produce furniture based on our plans and sew customized garments and shoes based on designed patterns.

3. Artistic and sculptural work.


In 2019, we began developing and producing an alien sculpture made of silicone and soft materials, which gives the doll the most realistic appearance and delights museum visitors.

We offer a 5-year service and guarantee on all of our items.