1. Zavod metallokonstruktsiy.

The company is "CULT-STROY" has a own production line for steel fabrication.
The manufacturing system includes components that provide a full cycle of production – software linking design of steel structures and their production.

On the basis of intelligent system, our company is able to implement various business projects with solution distinctive from the rest of the entertainment market.

2. Production shop.

In the process of experimenting with new projects and improvement of old, we needed the items and shapes made from fiberglass. Not finding suitable suppliers and contractors in the market, we decided to organize own production.

For their products we use the best and tested materials, by which figures and objects acquire the necessary wear resistance.

Also, we use contract manufactures for the project "the Giant's House", according to our drawings make furniture and sew special clothes and shoes according to designed patterns .

3. Sculptural and artistic work.

In 2019, we began to develop and produce a sculpture the aliens made of silicone and soft materials, which give the most realistic appearance to the doll and delight visitors of our museums.

On all of our products we provide a service and a guarantee of 5 years.