Upside down house

Togliatti 2019

The tilt in two planes 10/13°

Total area 45 m2

Inverted hut on chicken legs is the most expensive and the most unusual "Upside down house" in the world. Sure, this fabulous facility will not leave anyone indifferent.

To develop this concept worked more than 20 people from different areas: developers, designers, writers, technical inventors, makeup artists, artists, and many other team members due to which there was this bright project.

All developers approached their work with a deep understanding of the whole concept to make every detail up to his place and gave a magical atmosphere to all guests.

For facade covering and interior decoration were used high quality building materials that are made specifically to order.

In addition to designing and manufacturing steel structures, we took the responsibility of production of chicken feet from fiberglass and gave them a guarantee of 5 years (I want to note that no company in Russia, at the request of production of this type of sculptural works, were not given a guarantee on its products more than 1 year, especially, no company came to install them on the roof).