Inverted Castle

Smolensk 2020

Tilt in two planes 10°/13°

Total area 80 m2

In December 2020, the world's first "Inverted Castle", based on the fairy tale story "The Wizard of Oz", opened its doors in Smolensk.

Stanislav turned to the Company "CULT-STROY" and expressed a desire to build an unusual inverted house. This idea came to him at the moment when he was reading a fairy tale to his daughter.

The designers, designers and architects of the company "KULT-STROY" worked on the design of the inverted castle for 2 months.

All the props, the heroes of the fairy tale with anti-vandal properties were developed by the "CULT-PROM" division.

From the beginning of the project to the opening of the facility, the turnkey construction was carried out by a team of curators - Artem M. and Egor Zh.

At the moment, this project is the most unique and extraordinary inverted house in the whole World!

We have created a space in which any guest literally gets into a fairy tale and experiences the events that take place inside in a new way. Many adults, being inside the space, remember the pleasant moments of their childhood.

For children, this is a tempting opportunity to learn more about the story of Ellie and all her friends, as this fairy tale contains good and creative principles that contribute to the development and formation of the individual in society.

The new and unique project also includes a coffee shop area where you can relax with a cup of coffee or arrange a children's party, as well as game modules.

The company "CULT-STROY" has developed and implemented a quest that leads the participants of the game through all the events of the fairy tale story and together with the heroes they overcome all the difficulties that they encounter on the way.