Upside Down House 2021

Inverted house from the future 2021

We created this concept using the Tesla Cybertruck, the automotive industry's primary icon for 2019-2021. It depicts the technological diversity of the future, which is significantly different in its shapes from the existing human idea of a car and how it should look.

It's a better version of our "Upside Down Houses," which are 64 m2 and sloped in two directions.

This format is unique in that it accentuates the object's living nature by removing the clothes from its legs, and it depicts a generation's passage into the NEW period, in which traditional garments are replaced by the verbal, which includes shoes.

Every day, virtual fashion gains ground on the real market, and it will soon be dominant.

Inside, we've implemented interactive solutions to provide our visitors a more authentic and exciting experience. Visitors can play the synthesizer and guitar, for example, and youngsters can play with musical cubes designed specifically for the play areas by our technological department.

You can shoot a lot of bright, high-quality images and films in this location to leave happy memories for yourself and to amaze your friends and family with your ingenuity.

Vladimir Kupriyanov, a well-known Russian artist, collaborated on this project and showed his work.

From the time the first pile was driven in until the grand opening, the home was designed and built in 45 days.

Most significantly, the House Upside Down continues to be a powerful symbol of transformation in the lives of those who desire it.