Upside down house
Keeper of the rainbow

Kemerovo 2019

The tilt in two planes 10/13°

Total area 60 m2

"Upside down house" in Kemerovo - the house of the Keeper of the rainbow on Earth.

This is our fourth implemented project, which differs from all existing "Inverted houses" in the world! This project was born thanks to the determination of our partner in Kemerovo, Alexei K.

To draw, to design and develop it was quite a difficult case in which our design office put a lot of effort in the face of designers, planners, writers and estimators.

To implement this project in a short time - it was a separate legendary history.

Creating this wonderful "Upside down house", we thought about how to bring bright colors and good mood in the life of the inhabitants of the city of Kemerovo.

We tried to make every square metre of floor, ceiling and walls special that conveys a positive mood to every our guest!

Also, we built in a project separate room of infinity, designed in such a way that the people inside fall into weightlessness and infinity, observing end with six sides, like being in outer space.