Modern Family

Saint Petersburg 2020

The total area of 136 m2

We had a task 2 months to make the object "turnkey", our liabilities consisted of the following types of services:

- Design;
- Dismantling of the available space;
- Wiring electricians;
- Finishing works;
- The manufacture and purchase of Museum exhibits and objects of interior;
- Mount interior items and installation of Museum paraphernalia;
- Design and development of 3D video screens for advertising;
Photography for the advertising company.

Before commencement of construction works for 4 days was developed the basic concept and the idea of a "Flipped home."

For approval of the project was chosen over 400 references and was presented a choice of 3 different ideologies of the architectural environment.

The building, which was the project implemented, was built 1875 by architect F. L. Miller and V. I. Schaub, the customer and the owner of this house was the jewelry company "Bolin".

Based on existing load-bearing walls and inviolable, we have divided the space into 7 rooms with the idea that in this house lives a family of 5 - mom, dad, 2 boys and 1 girl.

Area cashier

1. Entrance hall
2. The little girl's room
3. Living room
4. The boys ' room
5. Bedroom
6. Bathroom
7. Kitchen

All were fixed 1300 interior design and various little things.

Because of the low ceilings, we paid special attention to tamper-resistant properties of attachment objects, under some of the parts we have developed special fasteners for safety of visitors.

In the project we can highlight the following exhibitions:

- collaboration with St. Petersburg artist Yuri @shotsart, which was developed area of the bathroom and on the walls was applied calligraphy of the text of the Beatles song "Yesterday";

the decoration of the hall, imitating realistic as Lamborghini "Hurakan" broke the wall and shattered the Ogrenye, breakaway wall bricks.

Unit commands a cult-prom™ app has been specially made machine to full size, in order for her to put inside, it was special designed and assembled indoors. Also, the team has developed a vandal sculpture in the image of the artist Malevich "Athletes" and LEGO man Spaceman.

When designing a room, we did the space so that any incoming person has experienced and felt in a different world, where gravity has no power over him.

We paid attention to the smallest detail, such as:
- broken piggy Bank;
- collapsed pyramid "jenga";
- filled perfume bottles;
- scattered fruits;
drinks in bottles and cups and more.

Instead of buying the usual items from the stores, we ordered furnishings and decor in 40 different artists from all over Russia.

The project under the brand "the House opposite"™ I was bright and busy, with many meanings and symbols that will inspire and delight all of staying in this space.