On June 1, the company "CULT-STROY" inaugurated a new "Inverted House" in Tobolsk. The first level of this author's idea is fully equipped for a long and comfortable stay of people, notably for holding holidays and master courses, as well as for waiting.

When we designed this place, we hoped that everybody who entered would be inspired.

This location also sells coffee and confectionary for takeout. People walking in the park or living nearby can always get high-quality coffee.

The second level features a unique inclination in two planes, allowing each visitor to experience the "upside down" phenomenon, which affects a person's vestibular apparatus and causes feelings comparable to that of an astronaut floating in space.

There are also six various spots on this floor, featuring interactive artifacts that can be interacted with by both adults and children.

This new project was based on population of Tobolsk people, and in addition to functioning as a museum for all visitors and residents of the city, it also serves as a play place with regular visits from children aged 6 to 12.

For small towns and districts, this facility serves as a full-fledged multifunctional area. This is a basic project with hundreds of modifications, resulting in each city's may will own unique and inimitable "Inverted House," which serves as a symbol of positive change for people of all ages.