1Required building area from 5*to 6 meters, the pouring of the Foundation 23 m2.

2Operational maximum power consumption of 20 kW/hour.

3the building does not impact on the surrounding landscape (trees, bushes, other buildings).

4object has the status of non-permanent structures, perhaps the construction prirodoohrannih zones and areas not intended for construction.

5the Lack of shrinkage of the Foundation during construction and operation due to optimum weight design.

6Architecture without restrictions. A distinctive feature is the design of buildings with tilt in two planes.

7the Period of construction of the building
from 1.5 to-3 months.


8Increased resistance to seismic shocks (up to 9 points on the Richter scale), hurricane, wind of 70 m/sec and other dynamic loads.

9the supporting frame has a high protective properties:
— non-toxic;
— will not rust;
— not deformed;
— not susceptible to mold, fungi and insects.

10the Operational lifetime is 70 to 100 years or more (according to estimates by credit institutions).

11High characteristics of heat insulation.

12High structural strength is formed owing to the industrial system based on the use of profiles correct structural forms of galvanized steel.

13all-Season material.